Fall’s development seminar: RDI-operations will be developed with trust and teamwork

3AMK’s fall’s development seminar was hold on 19th of September at Laurea Tikkurila campus. The seminar’s theme was RDI-operations and its development, including research and development campus of vocational pedagogy. The seminar’s participants were staff members from Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia, and student unions’ representatives. There were good conversations in seminar from different angles, for example students’ role in RDI-operations.

The seminar started with Riitta Konkola’s welcome words. From there Antti Vettenranta continued with the seminar’s goals and methods. Addition to those, Vettenranta also brought up how trust is the base on 3AMK-operations success and how it can be built together by commitment, choices and actions. Trust, its importance and how it is built came up in other contributions as well.

Topical matters of research and development campus of vocational pedagogy was told by Jari Laukia and Marianne Kukko, new head of Haaga-Helia School of Vocational Teacher Education, was introduced. The changes occurring in the RDI-operatoin’s environment and the priorities of the alliance’s RDI-operations were presented by Salla Huttunen, Anna-Maria Vilkuna and Mari Vuolteenaho, and the opportunities offered by external funding sources for the alliance’s RDI-operations were presented by Maarit Haataja, Sanna Juvonen and Virpi Turkulainen.

After break, the seminar’s participants got to discuss and throw ideas of these topics in groups:

  • the future’s central phenomena and themes, which should be considered in RDI-operations
  • co-operations between different collaboration areas
  • what works in RDI-operations, what does not
  • deepening of corporation collaborations.

The groups brought up good and diverse thoughts and ideas. Themes which rose in those discussions were for instance learning, wellbeing, resilience, weakening of democracy and flow of information. RDI-operations will be developed with these thoughts and ideas kept in mind.

3AMK thanks participants and organizers for rewarding event!

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