Research and Development

3AMK research and development program aims at combining know-hows and specialities of each of the three 3AMK universities. RDI-operations are efficient and compact and that has enabled building strong competence clusters and internationally aknowledged know-how.

RDI competence clusters have been divided into three heads that link to current phenomena. They give potential to create phenomenon-driven innovations and resonate internationally. The three RDI heads are:

  • A prosperous person in a safe environment
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Future arcots and factors

RDI action utilizes the latest methods of common development and rapid experiments. This makes the commercialization of the research results easier and boosts the development of the society and the endurance of the economy.


Virpi Turkulainen

Haaga-Helia +358 29 4471 654

Sanna Juvonen

Laurea +358 40 541 3312

Maarit Haataja

Metropolia +358 50 3112 532

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