What is 3AMK?

3AMK is a strategic alliance formed by three Helsinki Metropolitan area Universities of Applied Sciences: Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia. 3AMK’s purpose is to offer new kind of knowledge for changing working life and offer high-quality education to the international market. 3AMK collaboration is done widely with different operations.

3AMK collaboration has been divided into five main themes and each theme has its own team.

  • Learning excellence
  • Entrepreneurship and innovations
  • Research and development
  • Export of education – EduExcellence
  • Research and development campus of vocational pedagogy

Artificial intelligence is a cross-sectioning theme of the collaboration areas that helps us utilize artificial intelligence in a new way.

Principles of operations

In all operations, we have our eyes on the future’s working life. Future’s working life requires new kind of competence. In order to keep Finland’s title as the country of most competent workforce, universities’ study offerings need to be developed versatilely.

Our operations’ roots are deep in trial and error -method ­­­– we want to bravely throw ourselves and learn from experiences. Only with trying, we will know what works and what does not.


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