All 3AMK courses have separate enrolment. The registration period for spring courses is usually from December to January and for autumn courses from May to June. Exact enrolment dates can be found on the 3AMK wiki site.

All students enrol via the wiki page. Teachers do not accept enrolments. Students enrol for their own school’s course through their school’s system, students from other schools’ register using the form available on the wiki page during the registration period. There is one common late registration period for individual courses and language courses. The exact dates can be found on the wiki page.

The Student Administration will send confirmation of acceptance to students who have been accepted for a course, as well as information on the activation of any school-specific IDs. In the case of a virtual course, the teacher will send students instructions before the course starts. If the course starts with a contact lessons, the student will normally start from the first meeting.

The enrolment procedures are the same for both individual courses and the language courses offered.

On the 3AMK learning lanes, you will receive the IDs of all three schools, unless you are using 3AMK-Moodle. Course teachers will advise you on how to use the accounts if necessary. Remember to activate your account in advance!

The person in charge of each school transfers student information from other schools to the student register of their own school and adds them to the implementations. Visiting students have the same rights as degree students. Entering students into the systems is done manually, so it takes some time.

For 3AMK studies, as well as for complementary courses, learning lanes, language courses and intensive courses, you may need to move between several campuses. It is advisable to find out the location of the campuses in advance. Remember to check in advance that there are no changes to the timetable.

When you register for a learning lane or individual course, the system will automatically create an email address and an account for you with another organisation. As a rule, messages about courses and learning lanes will be sent to these addresses. If you do not receive messages in time for the start of a course, please contact the responsible teacher.

3AMK has its own Moodle, which can be used for learning lanes organised jointly by the schools. Another option is to use each schools’ own learning platform. Haaga-Helia and Metropolia have Moodle, Laurea has Canvas. In the case of extension courses and language courses, the learning platform of the organising school is used as a default.

Some implementations may also use external platforms such as Slack. The responsible teacher will send information about the platform to be used for each course. If necessary, the responsible teacher will provide guidance on the use of the platforms.

Click here for 3AMK’s Moodle and here for the Moodle user manual.

Learning lanes are usually 15 credits in length. They usually consist of three study periods. One study module is completed at each school, usually for five credits. Each school has its own specific expertise and the modules are designed in such a way that the same module is not offered in other schools. The learning lanes genuinely broaden your knowledge and you get to know students from a wide range of fields. The baseline is that anyone can choose any lane. There are therefore no entry level requirements.

The lanes are developed in cooperation with different organisations in response to the needs of working life. In principle, the courses selected for the lanes will always be part of the normal offer of the UAS, but they may also be offered separately from time to time. Separately offered courses are specially designed and implemented for the 3AMK learning lane. Decisions are always made on a case-by-case basis.

Other courses offered are those courses that are open to all students of Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia. They are part of the normal offer of each school, but the course has a quota for 3AMK students. The quota for 3AMK students is 10% of the total number of students, i.e. usually 4-5 places.

In addition to other courses, 3AMK offers a wide range of language courses. In addition to Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia, also Aalto University offers a wide range of courses. Some courses are aimed at business and professional language skills, while others start from the basics. Finnish language and Finnish communication studies are also available. The courses offered are published on the wiki page twice a year.

Some of the Aalto University language courses are open to 3AMK students. To register for Aalto University’s language courses, please follow Aalto’s own instructions by filling in the form and sending the application form and its attachments to For more detailed instructions, please visit the wiki page.

Current enrolment instructions and deadlines will be updated on the wiki page. Chinese, Russian, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish are available. The focus is on business and professional language skills. More detailed information on the courses offered will be updated on before enrolment opens.


Grades for studies at another university of applied sciences are recorded in Puro. Once the grade has been recorded, submit the course to your university for processing in Puro. You can view your credits in Puro and submit studies completed elsewhere to your home university for entry in the registry. Note: Use your own school’s ID in Puro. You can find all your UAS studies in Finland with the same ID.

To access the Puro service, click here

  1. Log in with your haka-account by choosing “Log in” from the top of the page
  2. You can retrieve your credits by choosing “Credits” on top of the page.
  3. Select the credits that you want to transfer to your home organisation and choose “Transfer credits”

Haaga-Helia students apply for all studies completed elsewhere using the Acceptance Form. When your performance is displayed in the Puro service, take a picture of the service in both Finnish and English, in the upper corner of which you can see that it is your own login to the Puro system, and attach these pictures to the approval form in Mynet.

Metropolia students should submit a normal RPL application for all studies completed elsewhere. When your performance is shown in Puro, take a picture of yourself logging into Puro in both Finnish and English, and attach this picture to your application for admission in OMA eRPL.

See here for more detailed instructions.

You can see the status of the credits you have sent under “Credits sent”. Once your transcripts have been processed, you can remove them from the list. You can still see all your transcripts in the service by selecting “Search transcripts” and you can view them in Puro.

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