After the Studies

Once you have completed a study course in a partner UAS, send your study to be processed in your own university using the Puro service. You can look at your studies in the Puro service and send your completed studies to your home university to be recorded to the study register. Please go to

  1. Sign in to PURO service with your home institution’s ID at the top of the page “Kirjaudu”
  2. To get a list of your credits, select  “Suoritukset” at the top of the page
  3. To view the studies you have done outside your home university, select “Näytä vain yhteistyösopimuksen alaiset suoritukset (JOO)”. This shows only the study performance under JOO (Cooperating Agreement). 
  4. From this list, select the credits you want to submit to your home university and choose  “Lähetä”Metropolia students: All studies completed outside of Metropolia will be handled through the eRPL service. When the course is marked in the Puro Service by the UAS where the course is completed, you can find the course’s name, length, grade and date of completion in that record in Puro. You will need this information in your eRPL application. When filing the eRPL application, please include a screen capture from this Puro record, and crop it in the way that your name and information is shown, so the eRPL handler can verify that it is your record.

You will see the status of your submitted study credits under “Lähetetyt opintosuoritukset”. Once your completed study credits are processed, you can delete them from the list.

You can see all of your credits in the service by choosing “Hae opintosuoritukset” and view them from the Puro service. 

Puro-instructions for students

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