Transfering studies

This concerns you if you have enrolled to 3AMK studies via link that can be found on 3AMK website. If you have enrolled in Peppi, Pakki or OMA, there is no need to transfer the studies because they will automatically appear to your UAS’ system.

Credits will appear in the Peppi system of the UAS that coordinates or organizes the course. If the course you are taking is coordinated or organized by another UAS, you need to transfer your credits according to the guidelines of your own UAS.

Haaga-Helia students: Students of Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences who have completed studies elsewhere search the credits from My Studyinfo -service and then add it to the application form for credit transfer.

Laurea students: Search the credits from My Studyinfo service. Copy the link or links and send from your Laurea email to

Metropolia students: If you are applying for recognition of prior learning with a course completed at a Finnish higher education institution using the EMREX transfer included in the eRPL service, you can include the information related to the course content and learning objectives in the eRPL application by entering the link address in the course information, in the ‘Additional information’ field before submitting the application. If there is no link to the course content and learning objectives, the additional information can be attached in the application under Places of performance and attachments > +Add place of performance > enter mandatory information and add attachment: +Choose files.

If no additional information on the course content and/or learning objectives is required for the accreditation, it is not necessary to provide an attachment to prove the correctness of the information when using EMREX. The Emrex service is a reliable way to manage your studies.

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