After the Studies

Visibility of course credits

Some of the credits will be shown in the systems of your own school, but some must be applied for from the partner university’s system to your own university. Application instructions vary by universities:

Haaga-Helia students: All studies completed outside of Haaga-Helia will be handled through the credit transfer service. When the course is marked in the Puro Service by the UAS where the course is completed, you can find the course’s name, length, grade and date of completion in that record in Puro. You will need this information when using the credit transfer service. When filling the form, please include a screen capture from this Puro record, and crop it in the way that your name and information is shown, so it can be verified that it is your record. See instructions for Puro: Puro – transfer of credits (

Laurea students: Once you have completed a study course in a partner UAS, send your studies to be processed in your own university using the Puro service. You can look at your studies in the Puro service and send your completed studies to your home university to be recorded for the study register. Please go to Puro – transfer of credits (

  1. Log in with your haka-account by choosing “Log in” from the top of the page
  2. You can retrieve your credits by choosing “Credits” on top of the page.
  3. Select the credits that you want to transfer to your home organisation and choose “Transfer credits“. Please notice that it’ll take a month to transfer the credits from Puro.

Metropolia students: Before enrolling to studies that are completed in another institution, the student has a guidance discussion with the study guidance personnel and makes an agreement regarding the completion of the studies in the Agreement Bank in OMA.
When the assessment can be found from Puro-service (service for tramsferring credits), the student can take a print screen of the assessment information and attaches it to the eRPL application. See instructions for Puro: Puro – transfer of credits (

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