Careerbot – AI-team

3AMK-universities of applied sciences have developed Careerbot –service to help their students to pursue their dream careers with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). 

The purpose of Careerbot is to help 3AMK students to: 

  • Verbalize their skills with the help of AI (skills profile, now or in the future)
  • Find jobs with their skills profiles 
  • Find courses for skill development 
  • Find theses and research topics, trends and content

Take a look at Careerbot introduction in one minute:

Careerbot –service uses the AI –trained language model which has been trained with millions of news articles and e.g. with ESCO-classification. Data sources are a) job market data in Finland (Monster and TE-palvelut/employment services) with 1+ million job ads since January 2018, b)  3AMK course data for more than 15 000 courses and c) Theseus –thesis database since 2010 (100 000+ theses available).

The service is powered by Headai Ltd.

3AMK student – try the Careerbot –service yourself!

You can use the Careerbot -service in the following ways:

  1. Verbalize your skills with the help of AI! Build your skills profile with predictive search, current CV or the courses you have studied in 3AMK. After you login you can create several skills profiles e.g. based on the current skills, reskilling and career changes or dream profile in the future.
  1. Look for job ads since 2018. Searching is done with key words or your existing skills profiles and further develop your skills profile with the missing skills! In that way, your skills profile remains fresh and you can easily find matching jobs in the future.
  1. With the Careerbot you can visualize your skills profiles or see example profiles of e.g. wanted skills in the job market or course offerings of the 3AMK.
  1. You can search for courses of 3AMK full study unit offering.
  1. You can see how different keywords are used in theses, see how they are trending over the past decade and find these theses for your research purposes.

3AMK has a dedicated AI-team with a mission to launch the Careerbot service to its students. The contacts per university are: 




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