Collaboration areas

3AMK collaboration has been divided into five main themes and each theme has its own team.

Learning excellence

3AMK learning excellence aims at producing a wide variety of studies in collaboration with 3AMK universities. Each school’s individual strenghts will be utilized in the study offering in order to give more options for students.

Entrepreneurship and innovations

Entrepreneurship and innovations collaboration area aims at creating an internationally aknowledged center of know-how that offers interesting opportunities for people that are interested in entrepreneurship. The aim of this collaboration area is to strenghten the work life of the future and the economical vitality of the metropolitan area by encouraging students to entrepreneurship and supporting business world.

Research and development

3AMK research and development combines the knowledge and special strenghts of the 3AMK universities in the research, development and innovations field. Cooperation with the 3AMK universities is active and efficient and that has enabled building strong competence clusters and internationally aknowledged know-how.

Export of education - EduExcellence

3AMK collaboration supports international export of education. EduExcellence works as the largest export of education in the Finnish sector of UASs’. It aims at increasing and scaling the export of education significantly.

Research and development campus of vocational pedagogy

3AMK research and development campus of vocational pedagogy strengths and popularizes the research, development and innovation activity in the vocational pedagogy. The campus supports the pedagogic know-how of the faculty of 3AMK.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a cross-sectional theme of the collaboration areas that helps us utilize artificial intelligence in a new way. 3AMK predicts the changes of the future: we recognize with AI what kind of know-how is needed in the future and develop the study offering accordingly.

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