Research and development campus of vocational pedagogy

Research and development campus of vocational pedagogy started operating at the beginning of 2023. Starting of the campus co-operation is based on real need of making research and development of vocation pedagogy more integrated. Campus supports teaching staff’s pedagogical competence as well as develops and reforms comprehensively education with its actions.

Research and development campus is 3AMK’s pedagogical operations’ researcher and developer, but also nationally and internationally interesting researcher and developer of vocational pedagogy. Campus’ goal is to gather people who are interested in vocational pedagogy and to work widely in networks together with different interest groups. During 2023 research and development campus of vocational pedagogy will write publications, carry out projects and organize events concerning pedagogic.


Irma Kunnari

Research Area Director +358 29 447 1739

Marianne Kukko

Director +358 29 447 1883

Virpi Lund

Senior Lecturer +358 46 856 7563

Kimmo Mäki

Principal Lecturer +358 29 447 1357

Päivi Laine

Head of development +358 40 167 7999

Crister Nyberg

Crister Nyberg

Director +358 29 447 1512


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