This is how 3AMK’s fall has started

Fall 2023 has started at speed. At the beginning of August, new communications intern Iida Koivusaari started at 3AMK. Soon after this, new students started their studies. In addition to this 3AMK has organized events to 3AMK personnel, new events have been planned and preparation to contract period 2024 has started.

New students got to know 3AMK

3AMK visited Haaga-Helia’s, Laurea’s and Metropolia’s orientation weeks. At 3AMK stand students got to hear what 3AMK has to offer for them. Purpose of this was to make 3AMK better known among students.

Work with 3AMK awareness continued at fall’s Freshers’ Days. 3AMK held checkpoints at Helga’s, Laureamko’s and Metka’s Freshers’ Days. There is still lots of students who are not familiar with 3AMK and therefore work with 3AMK awareness among students continues.

Fall’s development seminar

At Laurea’s Tikkurila campus was held this fall’s development seminar which theme was RDI-operations and its development, including research and development campus of vocational pedagogy. There were many-sided conversations at the event that will be kept in mind when developing RDI-operations.

Enrollment for courses on spring 2024

Courses for the spring 2024 will be published on 3AMK’s website on 14th of November and enrollment starts on 27th of November.

Upcoming events

RDI head 1 (a prosperous person in a safe environment) organizes events where they will tell more about their operations and information about how to apply for projects.

Research and development campus of vocational pedagogy organizes seminar where will be discussion about which direction 3AMK’s pedagogy will be developed.

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