Changes in 3AMK studies

*updated on 8th of Noveber 2023 at 10.32, specifying themes’ names and number

So far 3AMK study offering has consisted of intensive courses, languages and learning lines. In the future 3AMK study offering will be categorized by themes and it will consist intensive courses made in collaboration and selected courses from Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia connected with the themes. This change can be seen at 3AMK website at latest on 14th of November, when the 3AMK spring study offering will be published.

What is going on?

Studies will be categorized under themes on 3AMK website. There are ten themes and some of the studies goes under several themes.  

3AMK study offering consist of 3AMK’s intensive courses and Haaga-Helia’s, Laurea’s and Metropolia’s selected courses, of which students can gather combination to match their needs and interests.

Language studies will be found under International and multi-cultural environment -theme.

Why is the change being made?

Categorizing studies by themes makes 3AMK study offering clearer. Purpose behind this is to help students to see what 3AMK has to offer and to find courses that meet their needs and interests.

This change is also made because of students’ need to be able to enrol to individual courses instead of large study modules. However, the change will not keep students from enrolling to multiple courses, instead it will make more individual solutions possible to match their career paths.

Ten themes

Courses will be categorized under ten themes. Themes has been chosen, amongst other things, considering Sitra’s mega trends 2023.

The themes are:

  • Career paths and self-competences
  • Digitalization and AI technology
  • Future’s businesses and entrepreneurship
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Internationality and multi-cultural environment
  • Languages and cultures
  • Proactive leadership and HR
  • RDI and collective creativity
  • Safety and crisis management
  • Sustainable development and a changing world

Some of the courses are connected in multiple themes and therefore some of them can be found under several themes.

If you are interested in hearing more about the change, be in contact with Learning Excellence’s heads of development.

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