Are you interested in transition design, or do you want to maintain your skills? – Enroll for 3AMK’s intensive implementation!

Transition Design Sprint: How to design pathways for the future? 5 ECTS, for Bachelor and master’s degree students and the staff of 3AMK.

Transition Design bounds together futures, design and system thinking and their methodology. Its aim is to tackle complex, even wicked problems (problems for which there isn’t only one solution such as climate change), to create concrete multi-stage plans to achieve preferable futures. Transition Design is transdisciplinary field that stresses the role of societies and individuals as actors for any system level change. 

The two-day intensive implementation consists of lectures and assignments on wicked problems. The problems of the course are over-consumption, disconnection from the nature, fossil fuel depedency and youth marginalization and mental health problems. The main lecturer of the course is design leader Zeynep Falay von Flittner, whose goal is to speed up sustainable development changes through creative practices.

The course is especially suitable for people interested in broadening their understanding of service design and foresight methodology and learning tangible tools to apply in their work environment. After the implementation, the participants know how to apply transition design in their work environments. 

The intensive implementation will be held in Haaga-Helia’s Pasila campus. The assessment criteria for Bachelor degree and Master degree students and the tasks included are different.

Enrollment: 15.8.-31.10.2022

Intensive implementation: 24.11.-26.11.2022


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