Introduction of the new development manager

On Monday 15th August Katja Kuuramaa from Haaga-Helia joined the 3UAS Alliance as a new development manager.

Katja has already worked for a few years as a designer in Haaga-Helia. As a part of her work tasks, she took part in the development of the new study plan for Haaga-Helia’s Porvoo campus with the Aviation Business and Digital Business Innovation -BBA degrees. Katja also acted as a digital pedagogy mentor and coordinated Haaga-Helia’s commercial Aviation Business training, which is implemented as an online course in Chongqing, China.

Katja has also previously worked at the Helsingin seudun kesäyliopisto as a designer and marketing manager, where she collaborated with several universities – so she is already familiar with the field of 3UAS.

Katja is excited about the wide coverage of the development manager’s task and the cooperation that goes beyond the boundaries of universities. In her opinion, cooperation between universities is economically and functionally reasonable, from the point of view of universities and students. Katja is fond of great possibilities, so the development of consortium of several universities appeals to her. She looks forward to working on new openings and especially the development of new openings for which there is a common need. 

“Development, innovation and thinking about the future are close to my heart and I feel that I’m at my best in them. It’s great to be involved in developing meaningful things and responding to the skills needed in the future”, Katja said.

Katja also said that she was nervous about the new work tasks, but the transition was made easier by the warm reception she received from the development managers. The operators of 3UAS  are warmly welcoming Katja!

You can contact Katja via e-mail:

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