3AMK’s May coverage

In this article, we’ll review 3AMK’s activities during May. 

For several 3AMK actors May started with national UAS days, which were held on 4.-5.5.2022 at the Myllypuro campus of Metropolia. The UAS days were postponed for a few years due to the pandemic, and the days took into account the limitations caused by the pandemic and digital change – instead of repetitive virtual presentations, the days were built on interactive dialogue. After a few years of isolation, it was wonderful to to interact with people in person. 3AMK participated in the days with Results and effectiveness without organization chart’s workshop, which focused on the activities of 3AMK and RDI. 


CareerBot was introducted for Haaga-Helia’s and Laurea’s career and recruitment services and received good feedback. The skills profiles created with CareerBot have increased students’ confidence in identifying their skills, and it has been easy for students to expand their job search opportunities (e.g. instead of a classic retail sales worker). CareerBot has also made it easier to search for courses as it already includes the entire course offering of 3AMK’s universities. It has also made it easier for students to identify the core skills required in the work life and overall the planning of thesis with wide search options. CareerBot’s instructions can be found here: Careerbot – AI-team – 3AMK and CareerBot can be used here: CareerBot (rahtiapp.fi).

On Wednesday 18.5. the AI-team and Tieturi organized a training for the staff of 3AMK titled “Artificial intelligence in support of the service business: practical steps”. The training covered e.g. the basic idea of artificial intelligence, machine learning and training, the meaning of data, and machine prediction. 

The main themes of the training were that AI finds rules in data (compared to programming where rules are written), the use of AI requires industry expertise, high-quality and consistent data is valuable and artificial intelligence can be trained in three ways: guided learning, unguided learning and reinforcement learning.

AI is now in a similar situation to the Internet in 1995, so over the next 20 years, AI can be expected to enable and revolutionize many things – for example the Internet enabled the platform economy. From the link below you can read a report on the most interesting developments in AI: State of AI Report 2021.


In January EduExcellence announced the largest commercial education export in Finland’s history to Kenya. In May, a delegation from Uashin Gishu of Kenya visited Finland to visit the campuses of Laurea and Finnish ministers and politicians.

Learning Excellence

The development managers of learning excellence worked actively with the enrollment period of 3AMK’s learning lanes. Enrollment period for learning lanes and language studies closes on 6.6.2022. On Tuesday 24.5. the development managers and trainee gathered for farewell lunch for Veera Partanen, Haaga-Helia’s development manager. Veera’s last day as a development manager was on Wednesday 25.5. We wish Veera the best of luck and every success in the new job and thank you for the successful cooperation! The configuration of the development managers will therefore change slightly in the autumn.

Students are encouraged to respond to a feedback survey at the end of 3AMK implementations so that the implementations can be developed to meet students’ needs and wishes better, and to develop and target marketing correctly.

Our communication goal is to bring development managers closer to students’ daily lives, e.g. through events. You can contact the development managers Tatjana and Päivi (and the current communications trainee during June) at a low threshold in regards of the development of 3AMK’s study offer and communications. 

On Wednesday 25.5. was held learning excellence’s steering group meeting and the group discussed matters such as 3AMK’s study offer and learning excellence’s plans to pilot cross studying in Peppi, sometime in spring 2023. During the meeting was decided to include RDI’s open virtual course (MOOC) into the study offer of 3AMK.

R&D Excellence

Laurea’s RDI manager Sanna Juvonen wrote an article about the recent hybrid event in Brussels, organized by Helsinki EU Office. The article can be read here: Strategic alliance 3AMK goes international | Laurea Journal.

On Wednesday 4.5. RDI management gathered to discuss future webinars and publishing goals. The meeting also reviewed the experiences and lessons learned from the 3UAS conference, which can be utilized in the nuilding the 2023 conference. 

The meeting also discussed the state and progress of the Horizon for Uusimaa project. A few recent successful RDI projects include Horizon for Uusimaa, PasilaHUB and AI-TIE – AI Technology Innovation Ecosystems for Competitiveness of SMEs. The Horizon for Uusimaa project promotes access to European RDI funding and national and international networking, the PasilaHUB project develops Pasila’s consumer business and creates trade and event concepts, and the AI-TIE project supports the development and growth of SMEs business through AI.

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