3AMK AI-team participated in international AINL-conference – with AI-chatbot the students can search courses and jobs with their skills

A kind robot looking at the camera and smiling.

This year 3AMK AI-team participated in international AINL-conference to present their achievements with AI-chatbot project.

AINL-conference is an annual conference in which international artificial intelligence experts gather together over the artificial intelligence and natural language research. This year the conference was held remotely 7.-9.10. due to the current situation in the world. Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences is one of the organizers of the conference.

“Through the application process the selection committee chose our 3AMK AI-team to present our achievements with the AI-chatbot project in the conference. At this moment we are also writing a research paper about the project and it is going to be published soon”, says Asko Mononen from the 3AMK AI-team.

Chatbot offers help for the students of 3AMK

Asko Mononen tells that in the AI-chatbot project, the skill-based artificial intelligence has been developed to help 3AMK students. Artificial intelligence company Headai Oy has been a partner in this project.

“Earlier we have trained the artificial intelligence with millions of news documents to identify skill-based words and the connections that they have. Thus, we have created a refreshing skill-based model that uses artificial intelligence”, says Mononen.

Now as its database the chatbot uses all the 15 000 3AMK’s courses and over a million jobs from Finland from the January 2018 onwards.

Mononen explains that with the help of the of chatbot developed in the project, the students can get guidance for example to plan their studies and to find possible jobs. He tells that three different use options have been developed to 3AMK’s AI-chatbot for the students to get help. With the chatbot the students can find degree programs, search for the courses in all three Universities of Applied Sciences and find jobs with the skill-based words.

“We are currently doing the final tests to the chatbot, but it is going to be released soon for the help of all 3AMK’s students.”

More information:

Asko Mononen asko.mononen@laurea.fi

Picture: Unspalsh

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