Three Universities of Applied Sciences with one strike – What is 3AMK’s Entrepreneurial Exellence?

Entrepreneurship is a lot more than hoodies and networking in Slush. Modern entrepreneurship has many shapes – and it suits everyone.

Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia form a 3AMK-alliance which goal is to develop education so that it offers students skills that will be needed in working life. When the different forms of work increase and when the traditional paid labor decreases, it is important that the student learn how to guide their own work. Entrepreneurship skills are essential in this case. 3AMK offers support in this for 35 000 University of Applied Sciences students.

“Together we offer students the possibility to pick the best pieces from the offerings of the three Universities of Applied Sciences and benefit from each school’s expertise. The versatility of both University of Applied Sciences and student networks offers a lot of possibilities to develop entrepreneurship and working life skills”, says Hannele Mennala the leader of the 3AMK Entrepreneurial Exellence from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

The 3AMK-alliance has four areas of collaboration and Entrepreneurial Exellence is one of them. The network formed by entrepreneurship experts and students strive continuously with the working life to study in which direction the working life is headed, to develop the education of entrepreneurship skills and to support business life. Entrepreneurial Exellence network also supports 3AMK’s R&D Exellence program.

To strengthen entrepreneurial skills and to go outside of the comfort zone in a safe study environment helps the students to find the right way to express themselves and to learn the skills to become an entrepreneur. 3AMK offers knowledge, projects, networks and guidance. For those who are interested in entrepreneurship, 3AMK offers also intensive courses and broader learning lanes.

Supporting the way to the entrepreneurship

To support entrepreneurship, the students of Haaga-Helia have research and education-oriented unit StartUp School as their help and the Metropolia students have a unit called Turbiini. StartUp School and Turbiini help students to start their entrepreneurship careers and they offer support and advice. At the same time the student can get academic credits. You can find for example engineering, business, culture and health sector experts in the 3AMK network. The students can pick expertise from the offering of each three Universities of Applied Sciences.

All three Universities of Applied Sciences have their own entrepreneur education and a student union steeped in entrepreneurship. Laurea Entrepreneurship Society, Haaga-Helia’s Xes Helsinki and Metropolia’s new METES offer students inspiration and also networks, challenges and events. Communal activities are open for everyone, all you need is enthusiasm. These three are student led communities but for example to Xes Helsinki events everyone is welcome, it doesn’t matter if you are student of Haaga-Helia or not.

During the last few years, the most popular entrepreneurship studies have been intensive courses Digital Wellbeing Sprint and 10 days 100 challenges in which students work together with companies. Intensive studies offer the students the possibility to innovate solutions that are actually put in use, to network with business life representatives and get practical experience and feedback.

3AMK offers you three Universities of Applied Sciences with one strike – being a student in one of these three Universities of Applied Sciences you can benefit from the offerings of all the three schools. Welcome abroad!

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