3AMK fall study offering is out – new way to enroll

3AMK fall study offering has been published today 22th of April at 3AMK’s website. 3AMK offers studies which develop new and needed skills for a changing working life. The study offering consist of unique 3AMK collaboration courses and selected themes-related courses from Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia. A wide range of language courses is also available. 


Degree students enroll now for 3AMK’s fall studies in Peppi/Pakki/OMA using the cross-institutional enrollment service. With the renewal, students can view their 3AMK studies in Peppi/Pakki/OMA, add the 3AMK courses to their HOPS and enroll for their studies. Enrollment for 3AMK studies is currently not yet possible via Tuudo app.  

The course offerings will be available on Peppi/Pakki/OMA on May 6. From April onwards, you can view the studies on the 3AMK website. 3AMK study offers and information will be updated even after 22.4.  

With the introduction of the new service, registration deadlines are no longer common, but will vary from one UAS to another:  

  • Enrollment for unique 3AMK co-production implementations from May 6 to May 26 
    • Enrollment in Peppi/Pakki/OMA in the offer of the coordinating UAS
  • Enrollment for Metropolia’s implementations from May 6 to May 19
  • Enrollment for Haaga-Helia’s implementations from May 15 to May 23 
  • Enrollment for Laurea’s implementations from May 20 to May 26. 

The new enrollment service does not replace the need to activate other UAS IDs and log in to other systems, like Moodle. The student will receive instructions on how to activate the account and access the systems, after the student has been accepted for the implementation. 

Path students’ and open UAS students’ enrollment: 

Laurea’s path studets will enroll the same way as degree studets on Pakki. Other students will enroll via links found in courses’ own sites. 

3AMK studies 

You can find 3AMK studies easily at 3AMK website. Studies are divided into ten themes, which are: 

  • Career paths and self-competences 
  • Digitalization and AI technology 
  • Future’s businesses and entrepreneurship 
  • Health and wellbeing 
  • Internationality and multi-cultural environment 
  • Languages and cultures 
  • Proactive leadership and HR 
  • RDI and collective creativity 
  • Safety and crisis management 
  • Sustainable development and a changing world 

With 3AMK studies you can gain know-how beneficial to your future career. Courses are chosen and composed with a goal of filling the needs of the future’s work life. With 3AMK studies you can stand out from students from the same field of study. 

Check out the study offering and find the missing piece of your studies at 3amk.fi

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