3AMK joined the orientation days on the campuses

At the beginning of January, over two thousand new students started at Haaga-Helia, Laurea, and Metropolia Universities of Applied Sciences. 3AMK took part in the orientation days on the campuses in the Helsinki metropolitan area, where we had the opportunity to meet new students and inform them about our services in school life.

Viestintäharjoittelija Anni Huomolin poseeraa 3AMK:n oreintaatioständin vieressä flyerit kädessä

A total of 2,666 new students started in 3AMK’s partner schools during the spring semester. The largest number, 1075 freshmen, started at Laurea, while Haaga-Helia had 764 new students and Metropolia had 827 new students embarking on their new education.

3AMK aimed to greet new students and provide information about the benefits of the alliance. Conversations were sparked between with both new and continuing students. Course offerings and seamless collaboration between libraries were of interest to many. While the course offerings for new students this spring may not be the most relevant, but 3AMK publishes course offerings widely every semester.

The 3AMK alliance stand was set up next to the student unions, where there was a lot of activity. Clearly, Zone sports services are a prominent question for many students when seeking a balance with their studies. The distribution of sports passes mainly takes place through the student unions, but the alliance works behind the scenes for the smooth functioning of Zone sports services.

Many visitors also grabbed new overall patches for their fresh overalls; 3AMK has its own patch as well. On-site, some overall patches were immediately sewn onto overalls. The patches will be available again next time for example, at the Freshers’ Parties.

3AMK participates in the freshers’ events

For new students, the first major events are the freshers’ parties in February. Events are organized by each school’s own student union. 3AMK is taking part in the events and holding a fun checkpoint to create a good atmosphere for student life.

Spring freshers event schedules and themes are:

  • Helga’s Freshers’ Day on Wednesday, February 7th, with the theme After Ski.
  • Metka’s Freshers’ Party on Thursday, February 8th, with the theme Space.
  • Laureamko’s Freshers’ Party on Thursday, February 15th, with the theme Childhood dream job.

3AMK wishes all students a good semester and warmly welcomes you to enjoy our checkpoint at your school’s freshers’ events!

For more information:
Anni Huomolin
Communications Intern
3AMK Alliance
+358 50 569 1878

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