EAIE Conference brought international experts in European Education to 3AMK campuses

The European Association for International Education Conference and expo launched this week in Helsinki. 3AMK arranged a Campus Tour for the visitors, which included presentations and discussion on the strategic alliance, Myllypuro and Porvoo campuses and the oldtown of Porvoo.

Tuesday morning began with a lecture at Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre regarding Higher Education in Finland, after which the registered attendees of 3AMK Campus Experience Tour rolled to Metropolia Campus in Myllypuro by bus.

The President of Metropolia, Riitta Konkola warmly welcomed the international guests to Finland and shortly touched on the history of 3AMK, the strategic alliance of the three universities of applied sciences around the Helsinki metropolitan area. This alliance was originally formed to answer the never-ending demand in continuous learning by society. There was also a request to enrichen the offering in ways of learning by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

-The whole story of 3AMK is a success story. The ministry has followed us along the way with close interest and now sees us as a nimble example on how to develop the structures at Higher levels of Education, Konkola told the group.

The 3AMK Process Director Anu Moisio told the group more about 3AMK’s operations from two points of view, from the administration as well as from a student’s perspective.

-These days we are more focused on the differences and strengths of each individual university of applied sciences, other than the areas where our operating areas may overlap, Moisio states.

The Metropolia visit included some guided tours around the campus. The guests were impressed by the view and open space of the classrooms. The yellow color found in tower A was also admired.

After the tours the group moved back into the bus and were now headed towards the Haaga-Helia and Laurea Porvoo Campus.

During the transport Haaga-Helia’s International Coordinator Maarit Haukka told about Porvoo’s sad history regarding arsony, which the group found fascinating.

After the visitors had arrived to Porvoo, it was finally time for lunch. Most of the visitors had a positive reaction to more food, even when the day was still young.

A coffee and a dessert later, the visitors were free to choose between Campus Tours and 3AMK operations on four marketing stands. The themes of the stands were 10 Days 100 Challenges Intensive Course, the Deploying Competence in Finland Project, Teamwork of the International Services and the Education Export of EduExcellence Co.

The intensive courses were a very common interest among the visitors and some of the international teachers even went so far to discuss sending their own students to participate in 3AMK-courses.

Guests were impressed by the multi-purposed and comfy learning spaces of Porvoo Campus. A lonely teacher in the space for silent work cracked a few laughs, but the absence of paper was greeted with the same amount of confusion.

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