CERN Bootcamp (10 ECTS)

CERN Bootcamp is an innovative study concept, which is co-created together with CERN, universities and companies for each implementation. Bootcamp provides a unique international learning experience to the group of Master’s degree students with multidisciplinary educational background. The focus of the studies is to solve societal problems or challenges of the case organizations by applying service design methods to have a genuinely people centered, empathetic approach.

During the Cern Bootcamp intensive week students develop solutions to the global challenges to achieve sustainable development goals (SDG).

In 2023 there will be three sustainable development goals to address out of the following five goals:

  • Good Health and Well-being SDG3,
  • Affordable and Clean Energy SDG7,
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities SDG11,
  • Responsible Consumption and Production SDG12 and
  • Life on Land SDG15.

The students develop solutions to the global challenges linked with these goals with inspirations from and design of application opportunities of cutting-edge technologies developed in ATTRACT program. Three from these SDGs are selected for student challenges based on their popularity among the applicants.

This intensive course includes a trip to the Cern Bootcamp in Geneve, Switzerland.

This intensive program is for Master’s level students only

Key words: CERN Bootcamp, service design, problem solving, innovations, international, Master's study unit


Application period: 28.11.2022-29.1.2023

  • Pre-selection of students: by 10th of February 2023
  • Group discussion: 2nd of March 2023 between 12-18 (Online)
  • Student selection: by 10th of March 2023

Kick-off in Finland: 24.-25.3. at 9.00-16.30 (Tikkurila, Laurea campus)

Intensive program in Geneve: 5.-9.6.2023

Course content

After you completed this intensive course, you are be able to

  • apply service design approach and basic tools to design sustainable innovations
  • recognize opportunities to solve societal problems with innovations and understand their impact
  • act as a developer in open innovation networks and environments
  • conceptualize and commercialize services

The work in Bootcamp will mainly be done in teams so the students are expected to be committed to teamwork during the whole Bootcamp process and in the assignments.

Application process​

To apply for this intensive study course, you must carefully fill out the application form. The application form not only asks for your personal information, but also questions about your motivation, your studies and your interests regarding sustainable development goals (SDG). The application form opens on this page on Monday 28.11.

The selection of students will be made based on the students’ study achievements, phase of studies, motivation to participate, interaction skills, and the information provided in the application form and group discussion. In addition, multidisciplinarity of the student group will be taken into account in the selection process. The schedule of the application process can be found above.

Travelling to Switzerland and Covid-19

The COVID-situation and its implications for both travel to Switzerland and entry to CERN is dynamic and subject to changes. To consult information to enter Switzerland,  please go here. More info on CERN-specific  COVID measures and entry restrictions can be found here. Please note that CERN reserves the right to modify entry conditions to the site at a short notice.


Travelling costs to/from Switzerland and accommodation at the CERN hostel are mainly covered by the universities. The costs for the students in Switzerland consist mainly of bus or tram tickets to get around and also breakfast, lunch and dinner costs.

When travelling to Switzerland please notice that Switzerland is not an EU-country. It is important that you ensure that all the needed travelling documents are valid before the trip. The students have to apply for needed documents by themselves.


Virpi Kaartti (Laurea), Jukka Ojasalo (Laurea), Salla Kivelä (Metropolia), and Sakariina Heikkinen (Haaga-Helia)

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