Call for papers

Papers can be written either in Finnish or in English. Part of the sessions will be in Finnish and part of them in English. In the blogs, we hope to hear from your experiences and insights related to our conference themes. This could be, for example, about projects, learning labs or co-operation with companies.

  1. Sustainable growth and entrepreneurial networks
    • Scalability and growth
    • Recognizing opportunities for sustainable growth and circular economy
    • Internationalization of entrepreneurial ventures and networks
    • Creative and innovative ecosystems
    • The role of government and advisory boards in accelerating growth
    • The role of AI and platforms in growth

Contact persons in this track Anette Kairikko and Virpi Turkulainen

  1. Leadership in future’s environments
    • A shift of paradigm: leadership and work communities
    • Leading multi-location work
    • From Linear decision-making to understanding complexity
    • Strategic leadership, foresight and decision-making
    • Leading with System intelligence
    • New ways of organising leadership in innovation and business ecosystems
    • Leading strategic foresight (organisational level)
    • Ethics in managing diversity in work communities

Contact persons in this track: Leena Unkari-Virtanen and Helena Kuusisto-Ek

  1. Building futures literacy and innovativeness in business
    • Futures literacy in practice
    • Future forecasts: from global trends to weak signals and wild cards
    • Towards wisdom-rich futures: creating and applying different forms of knowledge
    • Innovation ecosystems re-imagined: creating value with futures literacy
    • Service design: client-centredness, shared value and sense of meaning
    • Inclusion, creativity and co-creation – novel methods to support future-proof business
    • Futures literacy in the 2020’s: life-wide learning, network economy and green transition

Contact persons: Sanna Ketonen-Oksi ja Tiina Wikström

  1. Other topics related to leadership and entrepreneurship
    • Concerning leadership topics can be for example: well-being and leadership, interaction and leader-follower relationships, changes at work and leadership, marketing / selling and leadership, leadership development, coaching, sport coaching and leadership, psychological aspects in leadership etc.
    • And concerning entrepreneurship topics can be: different forms of entrepreneurship, digital channels and online stores, growth hacking, building the brand and concept, different forms of entrepreneurship in different fields (e.g. sport, travel, restaurants, events, nursing) etc.

Contact persons: Kirsi Hämäläinen and Tiina Brandt

Please send your abstracts, research papers and blogs using this link:

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