Collaboration with University of Helsinki Has Started

The collaboration between University of Helsinki and 3AMK has started. The collaboration focuses on doctoral studies and research, and the aim of the collaboration is to make doctoral studies a more visible option for UAS students.

3AMK and UH collaboration is meant to enable great networking opportunities as well as give new perspectives for career and education choices for students and personnel. This collaboration has been in the making from the year 2021, and now it is finally starting in spring 2023. Viikki Science Day in the end of January is the first step of this project and in March the second and more time-consuming part of the planning process, Steps Towards a Doctoral Path -intensive program, will be starting. The collaboration will continue in the autumn with new projects.

The collaboration events this spring

The kick-off event Viikki Science Day is held 30th of January on the Viikki campus. During the event researchers will be showcasing the latest research done at Viikki campus and participants get to learn more about doctoral studies. The event has a broad variety of different research showcased, everything from coastal ecosystems to food innovations and developmental interactions to international forest policies will be showcased. The event is open for anyone interested in research and doctoral studies.

Steps Towards a Doctoral Path – Research, Development and Leadership Skills -intensive program is the second step of the collaboration. This program is a great opportunity to develop the skills needed in research career and doctoral studies. Participants get a better chance to pursue their dreams in research and doctoral studies as well as grow their network with like-minded people. Steps Towards a Doctoral Path has been developed in collaboration with 3AMK-universities and the University of Helsinki, and the course combines the strengths and areas of special knowledge of all four universities. The program is open for everyone with a bachelor’s degree and an interest towards research and doctoral studies. Applications will be open until 26th of February and the program starts 20th of March.

The collaboration has been a success so far, and it will be continued in the future. Hopefully this collaboration makes it more accessible for master’s students to continue their studies to doctoral level and brings more options for UAS students regarding their career and studies.

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