Call for Papers: Developing Vocational Pedagogical Competence

We invite researchers, experts and developers to write for the 3AMK joint issue “Developing vocational pedagogical competence”. This issue is part of the activities of 3AMK vocational pedagogical research campus. The campus cooperation between the three higher education institutions has started out of a genuine need, as research and development work in vocational pedagogy in Finland is unsystematic and fragmented. 3AMK’s research and development campus strengthens and makes visible the research, development and innovation activities in vocational pedagogy. The campus also supports the pedagogical competence of teaching staff within the 3AMK community and beyond, as well as developing and reforming education as a whole.

In late 2023, the issue will be published in two different publications: in eSignals Research we will publish peer-reviewed publications and in eSignals Pro we will publish professional publications that are not peer-reviewed. You can submit a manuscript to either publication.

The aim of the issue:

  • to make visible the current 3AMK alliance’s vocational pedagogical research and development work
  • to increase the national and international visibility and impact of vocational pedagogical research and development
  • to increase applied research of work-based learning (on tools, products and platforms for learning vocational skills) for the benefit of working life

You can submit a manuscript on topics such as:

  • enabling and supporting students’ skills and well-being
  • tools, products and platforms for vocational skills learning
  • staff learning, pedagogical well-being, development of teaching
  • learning environments as enablers of competence
  • integration of teaching, research and development in the work of teachers
  • development of teaching by integrating theory and practice
  • innovations in working life, presence and influence of companies in the educational environment
  • flexible combination of study and work – competence-based solutions
  • responsibility and sustainable pedagogical solutions
  • e-learning and e-learning pedagogical solutions, use of artificial intelligence

You can write in English or Finnish.

Please send your proposal for an article by 1st of March 2023 to

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