3AMK Moodle’s shutdown


3AMK Moodle will be gradually closed during the autumn 2022. New implementations will no longer be opened in Moodle, however implementations that are already running will be completed there. The shutdown of Moodle will take place gradually, allowing teachers to retrieve the material to be saved from there during the summer and autumn. The required workspaces in 3AMK Moodle will be copied to another platform at the request of teachers. Moodle will be archived during the autumn/winter 2022. In the future, the implementations will be carried out in the universities’ own learning environments, which will be maintained by the universities. The timing of Moodle’s archiving will be announced in more detail in the autumn

In the matters related to 3AMK Moodle, you can contact development manager Päivi Laine (paivi.laine@metropolia.fi).

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