Introduction of development managers

New development managers joined the 3UAS alliance in January. Veera Partanen from Haaga-Helia (left), Tatjana (Tanja) Lazareva from Laurea (right) and Päivi Laine from Metropolia (in the middle). In this introduction we get to know them better.

What kind of work did you do before this role? Why did you want to be a development manager? 

Veera: “I have been working in Haaga-Helia for a few years in career and recruitment services, mostly with international students and involved in educational export projects. I also worked in the field of tutoring and student activities at the UAS. I want to try new things, when the opportunity arises.”

Tanja: “I have worked at Laurea in several different teams, such as in student administration and as a designer for continuous learning team. I applied to become a development manager because I wanted to integrate continuous learning more strongly into the offer of 3UAS courses.”

Päivi: “I came to Metropolia to develop learning environments in the healthcare industry. From there, through the business unit, I have moved into the area of expertise in ICT and production economy. Now my tasks are especially in the project work. I’m a health scientist by my education and in ICT projects I work at the interface between technology and other fields of education as well as with companies. I’m interested in development and innovative activities. I  see how many new opportunities 3UAS activities can provide for students, companies and society.”

What expectations do you have for your new role? 

Veera: “I look forward to new collaborations, impact, and greater performance goals.”

Tanja: “I look forward to the deepening of co-operation of the three universities, the development of new openings for learning activities and the fact that we will be able to offer new interesting, high-quality and work-based skills to degree and continuous learning students.”

Päivi: “I look forward to new kinds of openings from the perspective of expanding co-operation, pedagogical development and digitalization. The opportunities for cross-learning and the use of AI in the future also opens up interesting scenarios for the future.”

What kind of work tasks do development managers have?

The tasks of learning activities can be divided into two parts: strategic and operational. Strategic tasks include developing and new openings. Operational tasks include communication and informing, compiling course supply, developing processes and facilitating networks. The construction of learning entities also involves anticipation – what kind of course supply is in demand and what kind of working life skills are needed right now.

What kind of things are you looking forward to develop?

Development managers are looking forward to meeting the challenges of new openings and working life, to clarify the operational activities of 3UAS and to develop the infrastructure. They are also expecting business co-operations and responding to the needs of students and working life – so that learning entities can provide opportunities for new types of work, and providing work-based skills for continuous learners. 

What has the first month been like?

Development managers think it’s great to work together and get to know the activities of other universities and find common challenges and opportunities. They also praised the warm reception they received from other colleagues and operators.

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