Brussels closer to Uusimaa – Helsinki EU Office and 3AMK organized EU training

On Tuesday 18.1.2022 the 3AMK-administration and RDI-operators gathered for training organized by the Helsinki EU Office. The purpose of the training was to bring the EU closer to higher education, and to increase operators understanding of EU activities. The training also covered possible co-operation opportunities, Horizon Europe funding, and the prospects and activities of universities in the EU bubble. In the training, speakers included e.g. Eero Venäläinen, Director of the Helsinki EU Office, who introduced the audience to EU affairs, operations and funding. The experts of the Helsinki EU Office presented their own areas of expertise, e.g. education policy (Erasmus+) and EU research and innovation policy (Horizon Europe). 

3AMK Alliance’s Process Director Antti Vettenranta outlined the goals of the co-operation for mayors and university principals in the Helsinki metropolitan area. The aim is to develop the metropolitan area in co-operation, as well as joint lobbying in relation to the state and the European Union. The goals also include developing co-operation, exchanging information, and creating snapshots between cities and universities. 

3AMK – EU co-operation

  1. Acquisition of information – e.g. funding and preparation of EU policies
  2. Effectiviness – e.g. influencing the content of funding programs
  3. Joint projects and applications
  4. Other joint projects that contribute to common goals, e.g. “More Horizon for Uusimaa”

EU policies that are reflected in 3AMK’s RDI strategy

The aim of EU-university co-operation is to respond to a changing world – climate change, the loss of biodiversity, an aging population and digital transformation. Universities have a major role to play in economic recovery after a pandemic, and in shaping a sustainable and resilient society and economy. 

In particular, the Horizon Europe program was developed for research and innovation. The mission of the program is to meet the major societal challenges  by 2030, e.g. health, the environment and sustainable urban development. Horizon Europe funding supports universities research and innovation.

3AMK’s RDI strategy was presented through the 3AMK-edge that consists the following areas: a well-being in a safe community,  a sustainable city and a factor in the future. The 3UAS: Future-proof Business – System Leadership Competences conference in April is an example of the 3AMK-edge’s advocacy work. The recurring theme each year is entrepreneurship and leadership. The conference is part of increasing the visibility of universities, as well as highlighting project expertise and business co-operation.

Horizon Europe funding is to be expanded in Finland, especially in Uusimaa. In order to win funding, it’s important for universities to network with project partners and to increase their effectiveness to become a significant part of the Horizon. In order for universities to become significant operators, social competence and innovation needs to be brought forward with documentation and effective performance. 

In summary

The training in EU affairs identified the importance of a broad understanding of EU’s RDI policies and commitment to EU advocacy at the level of RDI management – it’s important in order to succeed in international funding competitions and to raise the profile of higher education institutions. The phenomenon-based 3AMK-RDI-edge’s implemented a number of goals linked to the EU level, in line with the EU Commission’s longer-term priorities and strategies. This opens up numerous doors for international funding in various consortia, as well as for EU advocacy work together with 3AMK.

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