Press release: Finnish Education to Support Youth Employability in Latin America

EduExcellence, a Finnish global education service provider, and Forge Foundation, a non-profit organization have agreed to collaborate on expert consultancy to audit and certify training programmes for young adults in Latin America.

The goal of the development programme is to enrich current training programmes to empower youth in gaining access to quality jobs. Forge has been studying the best practices and knowledge in Finnish education, so that it can be applied to their programmes in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Mexico.

In the first phase of the development programme, a series of webinars will be offered to directors and pedagogy experts from different locations in Latin America, in order to set the foundation for the development process. The aim of these webinars is to strengthen knowledge and training practices in the auditing and certification phases. The development programme will continue with the auditing of Forge’s pedagogical model.

Rodrigo Kon, CEO of Forge Foundation, states the following:

“The Finnish educational model is well recognized all over the world and we want to learn to strengthen ourselves, and be able to offer better training opportunities for young people in Latin America. The Forge Foundation has grown since its establishment, and our aim is to grow and to help integrate more than 100,000 socio-economically vulnerable young people into the labour market of the future. In order to meet our objectives, we want to acquire knowledge and best practices. Thus, cooperation with EduExcellence will enable us to reach the next level.”

“In Finland, equality is the cornerstone of our education system. Therefore, our training and education models are designed to empower people to develop adequate ‘soft skills’ that will help them gain access to the labour market”, says Tuija Pulkkinen, CEO of EduExcellence.

“As a provider of Finnish higher education expertise, we are delighted to partner with a highly recognized and novel organization, thus helping to create life-improving opportunities for many people in Latin America.”

More information:

Tuija Pulkkinen
CEO, EduExcellence
Tel +358 50 527 7258

EduExcellence is a global education service provider of three major metropolitan area universities of applied sciences in Finland: Haaga Helia, Laurea and Metropolia. More on EduExcellence.

Forge Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2005, designed to help low-income Latin American youths gain access to quality jobs. More on Forge Foundation.

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