Innovation (5 ECTS)

During this course students will learn about the different aspects of innovation process, like the different methods used in idea creation, tools an innovator can use a part of their personal creativity and the role of innovation in our society.

This intensive program is for Master’s or higher level students

Key words: innovation, creativity, leading the innovation process


Enrollment: 20th of March to 19th of May

Course timing: 1st of June to 15th of August. Online course, flexible time, Zoom-sessions on Monday June 3rd at 4-5 pm and Monday June 10th at 4-5 pm.

Course content

After completing this course the student is able to:

  • have an understanding on what we know about innovation and why it is important to society (familiarizing with literature)
  • master some of the skills needed to be an active player in an innovation process and team (innovation as a process)
  • be aware of the role of methods in idea creation (methods of innovation)
  • be able to host and facilitate an idea creation process (leading innovation)
  • master some of the tools of an innovator (personal creativity)


Ville Saarikoski (Laurea)

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