3AMK’s academic year kicked off with an international virtual implementation

Monday 15th marked the start of the 3AMK alliance Master Summer School and the start of the autumn 2021 semester. The week-long virtual course, implemented in English, attracted around a hundred international, master´s degree students. The overarching theme of the five-credit intensive week is “Leadership skills for a changing world”, under which students are tasked with creating a toolkit for future leaders.

The week is divided into three smaller themes, led by 3 lecturers from the 3AMK: Tricia Cleland-Silva from Metropolia will lead “Inclusive leadership through collaborative practices”, Johanna Maaniemi from Haaga-Helia will focus on “Leading the learning organization” and Maria Ekström from Laurea will discuss “Creating a resilient organization”.

Keynote speech on workplace power relations

The first day of the Master Summer School culminated in a keynote speech by a representative of the Canadian consulting firm Anima Leadership. Annahid Dashtgard, a founding member of the company, gave an hour-long lecture on leadership and power relations in the workplace. The lecture, titled “Understanding Power is a Necessary Leadership Skill”, explored the problems of equality and power imbalances in a multicultural workplace, and how future leaders can set out to dismantle these relationships to create a more equal and safer workplace culture.

Anima Leadership works in human resource management and consulting in Toronto, Canada. The company offers a wide range of leadership training, often related to gender equality and multiculturalism. In addition to corporate training, Anima Leadership also collaborates extensively with schools in the form of speeches and presentations.


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