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In 2018 3AMK-alliance started cooperation with artificial intelligence -startup Headai Oy. Curricula (about 15 000 courses) of the three Universities of Applied Sciences are uploaded into the artificial intelligence, which compares them with job advertisements available on the Internet. In result, we can see if the existing teaching supply matches the demands of the job advertisements. With this information, the curricula can be developed to match the needs of the working life.

The alliance has an artificial intelligence -team. In 2020 the team aims to bring artificial intelligence for the everyday use of the students in search of work or courses.

Now you can test artificial intelligence yourself!

Log in from the link below and you can utilize artificial intelligence in following ways:

  1. Tell about your skills with the help of artificial intelligence! Build your own skills profile for example from the grounds of our own CV or the studies that you have studied in 3UAS. After logging in you are able to build multiple skills profiles. You can build profiles on the grounds of your current skills, in career change situation from the grounds of your new skills or you can even build a skills profile for your dream jobs.
  2. Look for job advertisements from January 2018 onwards. Either with key words or with your skills profile you can search for new and old jobs and train your skills profile more. This way in the future with the help of artificial intelligence you’ll find better jobs that match your skills.
  3. With the help of artificial intelligence you can visualize your own skills map.

The model is based on the following data sources: The data from job markets (Monster’s and TE-service’s over 1 million job advertisements onwards from January 2018) and learning objectives of over 15 000 3UAS courses.

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