Submission types and writing guidelines

Submission types

Conference papers will be sent for review via the following EasyChair link:
Two kinds of papers are accepted:

  1.   Blogs 
  • 10 000 – 15 000 characters without spaces (6 – 9 pages)
  • Both Finnish and English are accepted

Blog can be text concerning projects or phenomena related to leadership or entrepreneurship.  

When writing about the project, you can focus etc. on the leadership lessons when running the project, impact of the project to companies, impact of it to entrepreneurial skills or attitudes of students who are participating. When writing about the leadership or entrepreneurship related phenomenon, the paper can focus on insights, viewpoints and interests or for example case-examples related to leadership and entrepreneurship.

  1.   Research papers
  • 20 000 – 40 000 characters without spaces (10 – 25 pages)
  • Both Finnish and English are accepted

Research papers are studies based on the data. The structure consists: abstract, introduction, theory, methodology, results and conclusions / discussion.

Both types of papers have similar kind of acceptance process.

Writing guidelines

  • Submit your paper in PDF format via link
  • You can write in English or Finnish
  • The length of the full paper is 8-25 plus references.
  • Use Times New Roman font, size 12, double spaced, 2,5 cm margin all around.
  • In titles, use font size 14 and bold.
  • Abstract maximum length 200 words. Add 3-5 keywords to describe the content.
  • Number all the pages of the submission.
  • Add separate Title page: Add contact information (the name of the writer / writers, organization and an e-mail address) after the main title.
  • Use the APA 7 style (American Psychological Association) in references.
  • Do not use hyphenation in the text

Other instructions:

  • The writer is responsible for taking care of copyrights.
  • The paper you submit, should not have been previously published, or at the same time in another publication process
  • No changes in the paper title, abstract, authorship, track and actual paper can be done after the final submission.
  • In case of acceptance, the author or one of the co-authors commits to present the paper at the conference.

Please send your research papers and blogs using this link:

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