CareerBot – an AI solution for finding work and self-development for students

CareerBot is an artificial intelligence powered platform that helps students with their journey towards their dream career. It was designed to enable students to take a skills-driven approach in finding their personal studying paths, and ultimately, to optimize their job market fit. CareerBot is an ongoing collaboration between 3AMK and Headai that is constantly developed futher in order to fullfill its mission in students’ lives.

The initial model was based around Headai’s Microcompetencies and has undergone several pilots, possible solutions and has now evolved into a much more diverse tool, utilising a number of Headai’s solutions.

“CareerBot is a good example of how Headai AI services can provide modern solutions in a variety of industrial sectors, particularly in the education sector. As a CareerBot developer, we are receiving very good feedback and I am glad that other education institutions are showing their interest in joining CareerBot.”

    – Hussain Ahmed (Software Developer, Headai)

CareerBot utilises Artificial Intelligence to help students:

  • Verbalize their skills and competencies into a skills profile
  • Find their dream jobs with their skills profiles
  • Find courses for the skills they are missing
  • Visualize their skills profiles into semantic maps
  • Explore for thesis trends and search for related theses to inspire their thesis topics or written assignments

Students can populate their skills profiles by searching for their skills with keywords, upload their CV to be analysed and processed, search for the courses that they have completed or use the suggested skill pool.

Verbalisation and recognition of the student’s skills and competencies is an important first step in gaining the confidence that they will need in working life. Once the student has completed their first profile, they can then use the profile to search for jobs in Finland.

“With the help of CareerBot, students get valuable insights into professional expectations in their field. Student is able to mirror their own competencies to what is needed in the market. In turn, this allows the student to identify and to better understand what kinds of competencies they are lacking and what they should acquire in their time as a student. Therefore, CareerBot also gives support to the student’s future studies.”

    – Sanna Penttinen (Laurea Career Services)

The job search is done with these skill keywords and the student can easily find interesting jobs that a typical search engine may not have brought them, which in essence can assist in widening the student’s future career horizons.

The relevant and matching skill keywords are displayed for each job advertisement, but not only that, the students can see what skills they are missing from the advertisement and find the right course to make themselves the ideal candidate for their dream job.

Self-reflection and self-development are incredibly important for every professional. Students can see what demands and trends exist in the job markets with visual guides (semantic maps).

The closer the circles are to one another, the more relevant they are to each other, the size of the circle represents the importance of that skill. The student can then easily recognise how relevant their own skills are and where they might need to spend a little more time developing their abilities.

Courses can then be found from 3AMK’s offerings (Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia) and the strategic alliance’s students can apply for courses from one another.

Students can also upload their own skills profiles and visualise their own abilities.

One of the largest pressures that a student can face is their thesis. Knowing what to write about and how to get started is not always clear. The solution to this problem is to enable the students to be able to search for a handful of topics that interest them, see what is trending and see how these topics are related to one another.

“I look forward to starting my thesis, now that it is so easy to find so many interesting research documents to reference.”

   Kris (Laurea Business Information Technology student)

Recognising trends is incredibly easy with the graph and future forecasts. Once the student has identified which topics they would like to read more about, they can see the results and the relations between them. From there, they decide whether they would like to read another student’s thesis and they have an abundance of quality references to bring structure and strength to their written work.

CareerBot is now live and ready to help students pursue their dream career:

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There are easy to follow instructional videos made to ensure that you get the most out of CareerBot.

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