3AMK Summer School for Master’s Students: “Students make the course”

Johanna Maaniemi is one of the teachers in 3AMK Summer school for Master´s degree students. Maaniemi currently works at Haaga-Helia UAS, in Master studies, where she works as Principal lecturer, Head of Leadership and People Management specialization. Her professional background is both in the fields of research and business.

In the year of 2021, the topic is ”Leadership Skills for a Changing World”.  Johanna Maaniemi tell us more about it.

During the summer school we will approach leadership from very current and interesting perspectives. First, Dr. Tricia Cleland-Silva from Metropolia UAS will focus on inclusive leadership through collaborative practices. Students will learn, how to engage and inspire others through self-leadership practice, what inclusive and authentic leadership practices are, some conflict resolution techniques and the role of stories in creating meaningful purpose in the workplace.

Second, the role of resilience and leadership is introduced by Dr. Maria Ekström from Laurea UAS. Students will learn about resilience as a concept, how to prepare to the change situations and how resilience can develop capabilities and support self-efficacy.

Finally, I will introduce students to the concept of leaning organization. Students will learn, what the concept mean, why it is so important nowadays and what is the role of leadership in enhancing organizational learning, Maaniemi says.

Why should master’s students take this online intensive course?

The course is excellent choice all master’s students interested in learning about topic, developing their own leadership skills and networking with other students with different backgrounds. Course is very collaborative. Students can share ideas and learn from each other.

What is the best thing about the 3AMK Summer School for Master’s Students?

Students (of course!) combined with excellent course content. But I have to say that students make the course. Last year we had marvelous discussions and working together was so much fun. I have no doubts that the same will happen this time too. The course content got also excellent feedback. We have excellent 3AMK Summer school team that will definitely give their best for the students, Maaniemi says.

The course will be organized online on 16 August – 20 August 2021. The summer school in executed in English. The number of participants is limited, and the students are selected by the motivational letters. There is no fee to this intensive course.

Learning in the course is supported by a pre-assignment, brief lectures and presentations, international teamworking, interesting study visits and guidance from academic representatives. The enrollment for the course is open 8 February – 7 March. Read more and enroll here: https://bit.ly/3cg6BmA.


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