Virtual International Staff Week succeeded

This year International Staff Week was held online on April 20 – 22, 2021. Staff week was hosted in cooperation with our 3AMK partners, Laurea and Haaga-Helia and Metropolia. This means that participants will get to know the operations and practices of all three universities of applied sciences. This year, the theme of Staff Week was ”Wellbeing at a higher education community”.

Event was for staff members of 3AMK partner universities. The programme was designed for the administrative staff of partner universities, such as student wellbeing services, student and admission services, human resources, international services, communications, marketing and alumni services, career and recruitment services, research, development and innovation etc.

On Wednesday 21st, 3AMK partners day starts with the 3AMK Process Director Antti Vettenranta´s introduction video where he told the group more about 3AMK’s operations from two points of view, from the administration as well as from a student’s perspective.

At the Research, Development and Innovation -module the Vice President of Haaga-Helia Salla Huttunen warmly welcomed the international guests. There were participants for example from Estonia, India, Canada, Malesia, Germany, Netherlands and Czech Republic. Huttunen told that three-pronged common R&D stragedy are subtainable urban development, prosperous person, safe environment and designing future work.

Mona Roman told in her speech about sustainable urban development and ongoing projects. Roman says that challenges are how to support cities to reach climate neutrality and how to improve the citizen participation in urban decision-making and development.

Next Petri Tani told about wellbeing and technology. Tani said that health technology continues to be one of the most rapidly growing high-tech export sectors in Finland.

Taina Laivola told about project preparations and ongoing projects. 3UAS “Head 3” is a Change in work and Skills. Its vision is to respond to the transformation of working life. Working life is changing with the power of huge trends such as globalization, climate change digitalisation and robotics.

“Not only does change affect work and work habits, but they are more widely reflected in work structures, boundaries and skills, values and attitudes relative to work”, Laivola said.

After the gymnastics exercise and break spoke Teemu Santonen from Laurea Living labs, Heidi Kock from Haaga-Helia Labs about Emotion AI in research, Janina Rannikko, Helsinki XR Center in Metropolia and Iris Humala about project funding opportunities.

Participants join conversations and share their own experiences and ideas especially about projects, funding and collaboration, and possibly finding potential project partners.

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