Tram Tour into the Culture and Languages of Finland (3 ECTS)

Have you got the opportunity to study in Finland? Have you recently arrived in Finland or are you still waiting for your adventure to begin?

In this course you will learn some useful facts about our country in a fun way, get glimpses of the Finnish culture and the two official languages spoken in Finland: Finnish and Swedish.

Are you an exchange student? This course is also suitable for you!

This course does not require any skill on Finnish or Swedish.

Key words: Finland, Finnish culture, Finnish language, Swedish language, Helsinki, Capital region


Application period: 27th of November 2023 – 24th of March 2024

Timing: 15th of April – 17th of May 2024

The course is fully virtual: there are no contact or online lessons.

Course content

The aim of the course is to make your landing in Finland as smooth as possible. We want to wake your motivation and enthusiasm towards Finland and its culture.

Having completed the course, you will for example be familiar with

  • how Finnish and Swedish languages are visible in the capital region
  • how to spend your spare time in Finland
  • why Finns do ice swimming, take sauna bathing and go to the forest with buckets in autumn

This course will also give you

  • a survival kit for daily life in Finland
  • some Finnish and Swedish phrases
  • basic information about history, culture, people and geography of Finland


Tuula Jäppinen (Haaga-Helia), Anna Sarajas-Zino (Haaga-Helia), Saara Helander (Laurea), Helena Riihimäki (Laurea), Matti Karhumäki (Metropolia) ja Eveliina Korpela (Metropolia)


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