Steps Towards a Doctoral Path – Research, Development and Leadership Skills (5 ECTS)

The purpose of the program is to develop the skills needed for planning scientific research and to speed up progress in research career carried out in academia and work life. In the program, you will learn about ethical planning of research, management of a research project and goal-oriented leadership, as well as development-oriented research. On the course we discuss good practices in planning of scientific research. The aim of the study program is for the participants to gain inspiring insights and skills for planning scientific research and managing research projects.

This intensive program is a part of 3UAS and University of Helsinki collaboration, where the goal is to mutually benefit from the collaboration and strengthen students’ working life skills. 

This intensive program is for Master’s or higher level students, alumni and personnel of 3UAS only. This course is also open for open UAS students whom have finished their Bachelor’s, and Master’s or higher level students from University of Helsinki.

Key words: scientific research, 3UAS+UH collaboration, doctoral studies, leadership, project management, development


Enrollment: 27th of November 2023 – 12th of January 2024

Pre-assignment announced: 16th of January 2024

Pre-assignment deadline: 29th of January 2024 – students need to return their pre-assignment in order to ensure their place on the course. 

Pre-assignment consists of an idea for a research plan and reflective insights on course subjects based on scientific literature. Search for the scientific literature relevant for your research plan using your own databases available in your university. The length of the pre-assignment should be 2 pages (including reference list).

Acceptance to this course: 1st of March 2024

Timing: 3rd of April – 15th of May 2024, on Wednesdays. All lectures are conducted online.

  • 3rd of April 9.00-15.15
  • 10th of April 9.00-12.15
  • 17th of April 9.00-12.15
  • 24th of April 9.00-12.15
  • 15th of May 9.00-15.15

Course content

University of Helsinki

  • Experimental design & research ethics
    • Scientific method and experimental design
    • Planning, implementing, reporting and sharing scientific research in an ethical manner

Laurea University of Applied Sciences

  • Research project management
    • Academic excellence in a research project 
    • Implementation of research project
    • Impact of a research project: economic / societal / scientific

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

  • Goal-oriented leadership
    • Goal-oriented leadership as an orientation
    • Core competencies and ethics of goal-oriented leadership
    • Goal-oriented leadership skills in knowledge-intensive contexts
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  • Development-oriented reasearch
    • Participatory reasearch partnership
    • Co-development strategies and methods

Learning outcomes:

  • Student knows how to plan scientific research based on the scientific method, and recognises and understands key ethical principles guiding research
  • Students know how to build a framework for an academic research project paying attention to the building blocks of academic excellence, impact and appropriate implementation

  • Students know how to lead themselves, their research or development group and other experts in a goal-oriented way

  • Students know how to promote a partnership-based co-development process in a research network in an ethically sustainable manner


Taina Vuorela (Laurea), Margit Suurnäkki (Haaga-Helia), Salla Sipari (Metropolia), Simo Kyllönen (UH) and Liisa Uotila (UH)

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