Chinese Business Environment (5 ECTS)

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A student can take this course only after they have passed the course “Chinese 4”.


Enrollment period: 27th of November 2023 – 1st of January 2024

Timing: Fri at 8.00-9.30 / 15th of January – 17th of May 2024 / Room 2009 Pasila, Haaga-Helia campus

Course content

Introduction to the Chinese-Speaking Areas:
• Introduction to the situations in different Chinese-speaking areas
• Economic life of the mainland China and overseas Chinese societies
Chinese Written Language and Documents:
• Learn more useful characters and learn to understand unknown Chinese characters with the help of common internet tools
• Basic level PR and business documents: basic e-mails, invitations, travel agenda/visiting program, CV compilation

After completing the course, students will
• become familiar with the history, culture and economic situations of the main Chinese-speaking areas including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.
• be capable of talking about the general features of the Chinese economic life.
• learn more common characters used in Chinese written texts and documents.
• be able to understand a few types of basic Chinese documents with the help of Chinese computer programs
• be able to write Chinese characters and texts with the help of the most common word-processing programs
• be able to check the correctness of the written characters and texts with the help of internet tools


Hai Guo (Haaga-Helia)

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