10 Days 100 Challenges (10 ECTS)

10 Days 100 Challenges is a unique open innovation program where you learn new work-life skills and solve challenges together with leading innovative companies, professional experts and inspiring coaches. The program is open for everyone who wants to learn about innovation and service design, engage with real-life challenges and to connect with talented individuals and build professional networks.

Bring your innovative ideas, willingness to learn new skills and a working computer. Explorative, optimistic, amibiguity tolerant and future-oriented mentality is appreciated!

The scope of this intensive course is 10 ECTS, which consists of an independently completed theory part (MOOC) of 3 ECTS and of a project of 7 ECTS.

Laurea students: 10 Days 100 Challenges can be substituted for your core competence study unit R0216 Service Design (10 ECTS)!

Key words: innovation, challenge, problem solving, group work, inspiration, cooperation, creative solutions, service design


Enrollment: 27th of November 2023 – 19th of March 2024

The theory part of the course (MOOC): 2nd of April – 9th of May 2024

Intensive program: 20th – 28th of May 2024 (Monday to Friday + Monday to Tuesday), 8am-4pm. Metropolia Myllypuro campus, room MPB6023. 

Course content

After the program, the student is able to:

  • Carry out an innovation project applying the newest existing knowledge and service innovation and design methods
  • Work in multi-disciplinary projects
  • Apply creative problem solving and develop working methods
  • Use his or her personal skills and abilities to work and collaborate in multidisciplinary teams
  • Create a culture of cooperation and negotiation with the team members and other actors
  • Use his or her skills in problem solving, collaboration and communication to support the social development and joint decision making of the team

Mandatory parts for all students:

  • The theory part of the course (MOOC). The theory part contains tests that must be successfully completed in order to participate in the intensive week program.
  • Active attendance and contribution during the 7 day program. Intensive program is planned to take place in-person. Hybrid option is not available.
  • Learning portfolio


Johanna Toivonen (Metropolia), Päivi Harmoinen (Laurea) and Liisa Wallenius (Haaga-Helia)

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