Language studies

3AMK offers a wide variety of different language studies. You get to choose from a selection of Haaga-Helia’s, Laurea’s and Metropolia’s language studies as well as courses from Aalto-university. There are ovet 100 courses to choose from and in addition to a dozen different languages, there are also courses about public speaking, leadership communication etc. Language studies are usually worth 1-5 ECTS and they can be organized in campuses or virtually.

There are CEFR-levels (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) determined for some of the courses which helps you choose the right course for your own skill level. Read more about CEFR-levels ->

Please do not enroll into your own schools language courses from 3AMK! Enroll into those courses with your school’s regular enrollment method.

More information about spesific courses and enrollment periods can be found by first selecting the semester in question.

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