Hackathon for Crafting Digital Solutions for Nature Tourism (5 op)

Are you intrigued by the rapid development of digital solutions? No prior experience required! Join our Hackathon course and immerse yourself in hands-on learning.

In this dynamic course, you will delve into the art of creating innovative digital concepts tailored to company-provided themes. The pre-module segment serves as a foundational stage, equipping you with theoretical knowledge essential for the upcoming Hackathon. The main thrust of development unfolds during an immersive Hackathon week, where you will develop new concepts within intense collaboration and creative exploration.

The central theme of this course is how extended reality technologies can enhance the virtual nature tourism, offering a platform for participants to channel their creativity towards this captivating realm. Throughout the course, you will be tasked with transforming conceptual ideas into tangible digital solutions, with a focus on harnessing the potential of immersive technologies to elevate the nature tourism experience.

This is unique 3AMK collaboration course, which is coordinated by Haaga-Helia UAS.

Key words

hackathon, new idea development, virtual nature, concept, virtual reality, augmented reality, extended reality, nature tourism


Enroll for this course on Peppi/Pakki. You can find the course with code SER041AS2AE-3001.

Haaga-Helia’s path student: Enroll via this link.

Laurea’s path student: Enroll for this course on Pakki. You can find the course with code SER041AS2AE-3001.

Metropolia’s path student: Enroll via this link.


Enrollment period: 6th of May – 26th of May

Online phase: 19th of August – 11th of October 2024

Intensive week: 14th of October – 17th of October 2024 at 9–17 daily, XR Center Helsinki

Kick-off: Tuesday 27th August 2024 at 17–20 in XR Center (Hämeentie 135 A, 3rd floor, Helsinki) or Teams

Learning platform: Haaga-Helia’s Moodle | Log in with Haaga-Helia user ID, which you will receive after the registration period has ended

Course content

The course includes 3 modules

  1. Pre-module (theory) 1: Concept development (design thinking and lean startup methodologies)
  2. Pre-module 2: Exploring opportunities with extended reality technologies (AR, VR)
  3. Intensive week Hackathon in XR Center, Helsinki

Intensive week program:

Day 1-3 day: concept development
Day 4: presentation of new concepts for companies

Learning objectives

After the course the students

  • Have experience of rapid concept development
  • Know about the extended reality technologies
  • Have experience of lean startup methodologies
  • Developing concepts in multi-disciplinary teams
Learning methods
  • Independent work in an online learning environment (Moodle) with online learning content
  • Multi disciplined team work
  • Learning tasks
  • Hackathon – from idea to concept development

A more detailed course description can be read in the Haaga-Helia’s Study Guide.


Jouko Loijas (Haaga-Helia UAS), Janina Rannikko (Metropolia UAS), Irma Mäkäräinen-Suni (Haaga-Helia UAS)

This course belongs to these themes:

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