Green Packaging (5 ECTS)

Get to know role and functions of packaging and tools for design packages.

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Key words: package design, green package materials


Enrollment period: 27.11.2023 – 1.1.2024

Timing: 15.1.-15.3.2024, online lecture on Thursdays 17.40 – 20.30

Course content

After this course

  • Student understands the role and functions of packaging
  • Student gets familiar with various packaging materials and alternative materials replacing plastics packages
  • Student is able to assess reusable, recyclable and compostable packages
  • Student has tools for designing packages
  • Student is able consider labels and claims in packaging how to involve end users for proper use and return of packages
  • Student knows legal issues related to packages
  • Student recognises the responsibility of producers and importers to collect packages back to circulation (duties of extended producer responsibility)


Soile Kallinen (Haaga-Helia)

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