AI in work life (5 ECTS)

Welcome to AI in work life -course! This course covers AI based applications and how to apply them in work life. You will learn about AI based applications and gadgets such as image recognition, image processing, robotics, gadgets, automation, and generative AI applications. You will also learn about AI based decision-making and ethics concerning AI as well as how to use AI in work life.

In order to attend this course, you do not need to have any foreknowledge of AI or any special IT skills. In this course you will get familiar with various AI applications used in different industries by practical examples.

This course is also open for open UAS students.

Key words: artificial intelligence, information technology, future, working life skills, applications


Enrollment period: 27.11.2023-12.3.2024

Intensive week: weeks 13-21 (26.3.-21.5.2024)

More precise schedule: Online lessons in Zoom on Tuesdays 14.00-16.00 (26.3., 2.4., and 21.5.), independent sprints open on Tuesdays 14 o’clock (9.4., 23.4., 7.5., and 14.5.)

The assignments of the course are scheduled. It is not possible to complete them in a customized schedule.

Course content

This is online course consisting of eight sprints which each take one week. Every sprint will start on Tuesday 14 o’clock. Each sprint has its own theme. Sprints consist pre-assignment, teaching session, exercises and reflection.

Sprints’ contents: 

  1. Introduction to AI in work life (26.3., Zoom)
  2. Generative AI applications (2.4., Zoom)
  3. Image recognition and processing in work life (9.4., independent work)
  4. Applying robotics and gadgets in work life (16.4., independent work)
  5. Automation’s basics in office tools and intelligent personal assistants in work life (23.4., independent work)
  6. Applying AI based decision-making in work life (7.5., independent work)
  7. AI’s ethics and future (14.5., independent work)
  8. Compilation: How to use AI in work life (21.5., Zoom)
    • Visiting lecturer: Senior Threat Data Researcher Khalid Alnajjar

By completing this course, you will know how to: 

  • use concepts and applications regarding AI 
  • evaluate AI’s effects in work life 
  • apply generative AI applications, image recognition, image processing and robotics in different context 
  • use automation’s basics in office tools and apply AI based decision-making 
  • illustrate AI’s ethical challenges and evaluate solutions to solve them 


Mika Hämäläinen (Metropolia), Jyrki Innanen (Laurea), Tomi Tolonen (Laurea) and Juhani Heikkinen (Haaga-Helia)

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