Designing Business Idea

Learning lane/ Idea path: Designing Business Idea, 5-15 cr

This learning lane is suitable for Bachelor students.

Additional enrollment for this learning lane is open between August 9th – August 20th 2021

  • EASIP COMP online course on theme becoming an entrepreneur/ starting a company (5cr),
    • What is entrepreneurship?
      • Students will:

        • understand what entrepreneurship is

        • distinguish different types of entrepreneurship

        • learn about contemporary trends & innovation opportunities

    • First step towards thinking of entrepreneurial ideas
      • Students will:

        • start thinking own business ideas

        • write down own business ideas

    • Introduction to business model canvas
      • Students will:

        • learn about lean start-up methodology

        • understand what is business modelling

        • distinguish different types of business models

        • be able to start working on their own business model canvas

    • Learning about the customer/user
      • Students will:

        • understand the importance of user research

        • learn about characteristics of users and user needs

        • distinguish between different research techniques

        • learn about customer segments

        • understand the customer development process

        • be able to implement activities to learn about the users for their ideas

    • Learning about distribution channels
      • Students will:

        • start thinking different possibilities of distribution Channels

    • Prototyping
      • Students will:

        • understand the role of prototyping in entrepreneurship

        • know how to transfer ideas into tangible products/services/projects

        • make a prototype for their own ideas

    • Key activities & key partners & key resources
      • Students will:

        • able to explain and describe backstage part of BMC

        • able to explain, describe and plan Key Activities in order to support the business model

        • able to explain, describe and plan Key Assetes as Resources

        • able to explain, describe and plan the role of Key Partners

    • Costs and revenues
      • Students will:

        • distinguish between different types of costs

        • understand revenue streams

    • Storytelling & presentation of business idea 
      • Students will:

        • understand the importance of storytelling

        • understand brand building

        • be able to create and present a story for their ideas (pitching)

    • Team = People = Company
      • Students will:

        • understand the role of the team in the business world

        • distinguish between different team roles

  • Workshops for Action -course in collaboration with 3ES (5cr), see implementation plan
  • Demoday (presenting own business prototype, 5cr): At the end of the Designing Business Idea path/ learning lane you will have an opportunity to pitch your idea and prototype to the jury of entrepreneurs and experts and receive feedback. The format will be announced later.
Courses in the learning lane:
Course nameCrCampusScheduleTeacherEnrollOther remarks
EASIP COMP online course5Online01.09.2021-31.12.2021Antti SekkiTotally online, no contact lessons or scheduled meetings
Workshops for Action5Haaga-Helia, Pasila01.09.2021-31.12.2021Johanna Mäkeläinen, Jenni Brisk, Petteri Tiljander?WOR8HH039
(pre-requirement: accomblished EASIP COMP online course)

26.10. - 07.12.2021 08.00-11.00 MMB253.1
Totally online, no contact lessons or scheduled meetings

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