Circular Economy for Sustainable Growth

Would you like to learn more about Circular Economy and to innovate circular solutions for Uhana Design?

You will learn about sustainable development and circular economy, new circular business models and how the companies can develop their businesses towards more sustainable by using service design methods and tools. You will also learn to use some important sustainability tools like life cycle analysis and eco-system partner analysis. The final outcome of the learning lane is a Service Concept. Transformation to the circular economy is vitally important to the societies but also to the companies. It is also a great growth opportunity for Finland.


This online study unit consists of the following parts:

  • 5+5+5 ECTS learning lane of 3UAS –offering in co-operation with Laurea, Metropolia and Haaga-Helia UAS
  • The learning lane starts with the module “Towards a Circular Economy” including concepts and basic principles of Circular
    Economy and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of products and services.
  • Followed by a combination of “New Business Models in the Circular Economy” and “Service Design for Circular Economy”
  • Including an innovation project to an interesting Finnish clothing company UHANA,
For whom?
  • For students interested in developing their skills in circular economy and sustainable business as a part of their
    complementary studies
  • For students of different study fields (engineering, business, culture, social sciences…)
Schedule and learning methods
  • Course schedule for 15 ects 17.1.-16.5.2022
  • Online lessons/meetings on Monday afternoons
  • Online assignments in Moodle and project works

Courses include online lectures, online workshops and learning solutions with a joint company assignment focusing on creating circular business model solutions for companies with the help of service design.

Student workload

The learning lane is 15 ECTS consists of 3 online courses. One course is 5 ECTS which equals approximately 135 hours of studying.


Learing line is evaluated in a scale 1 – 5 /fail. You will receive one joint grade for this learning line, ie you will receive an equal grade for each course in this learing line.

Read more about previous course achievements:

Student project in Spring 2020:

Student project in Spring 2020:

The learning lane will start with a joint kick-off in January 2022, see more detailed schedules below.

ORIENTATION PHASE 17.1.-21.2.2022
17.1.2022 at 13-16Joint Orientation kick-off
-objectives, teaming, ways of working etc.

Start of the “Introduction to Circular Economy key concepts & theories”-part
24.1.2022 at 13-16 Introduction to Circular Economy key concepts & theories - Guidance

31.1.2022 at 13-16Introduction to Circular Economy key concepts & theories – Guidance continues
7.2.2022 at 13-16Circular business Models + BMC
14.2.2022 at 13-16Introduction to Service Design
PROJECT PHASE 28.2.-16.5.2022
28.2.2022 at 13-16Joint project kick-off incl.
design challenge introduction
7.3.2022 at 13-16Service Design tools & methods, Discover-phase start (Research)
14.3.2022 at 13-16Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
21.3.2022 at 13-16Circular BMC, Ecosystem Partner Identification

Guidance to Life Cycle Analysis-work
28.3.2022 at 13-16Service Design tools & methods, Define-phase start

Guidance to Life Cycle Analysis -work
4.4.2022 at 13-16LCA task wrap-up & presentations
11.4.2022 at 13-16Service Design tools & methods, Develop-phase start: Ideation workshop
9.5.2022 at 13-16Service Design tools & methods, Deliver-phase start: Pitch rehearsals
16.5.2022 at 13-16Final seminar: pitching

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