MINNO innovation project (international)

MINNO(R) International course is open for Metropolia UAS international partners and now to 3AMK students. MINNO is a multi-disciplinary innovation project course and suitable for students from all study programs. This course has pre-assignments, two orientation days in an intensive week, project working time, and final presentations day. On completion you have:
– Developed practical, creative and innovative solutions, practices and services with multidisciplinary partners to meet the diverse needs in the Helsinki Metropolitan area.
– Participated in project or network-based work and applied your expertise in regional, national or international development work.

  • Used your personal skills and abilities to work and collaborate in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Created a culture of cooperation and negotiation with the team members and other actors.
  • Used your skills in problem solving, collaboration and communication to support the social development and joint decision making of the team.

Project and innovation work: brainstorming, planning, implementing, assessing, communicating, publishing, product development and marketing.
Cooperative skills, interest group activities and networking. Innovative work methods.
Areas of communal development skills: development processes, coordinating and managing development, reforming the development concepts.

Course nameCrCampusScheduleTeacherOther remarksNote
Innovation project 10Metropolia, MyllypuroTeam teachingXX00BH18-xxxxTo be confirmed later

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