Intercultural service experiences (exchange week) 2 ECTS

Are you a student who wants to grow an international network and study and visit cultural and touristic services with French students? Intercultural service experiences (exchange week) is a great opportunity to internationalization at home!

The content of the intensive course is:

  • Analyzing a service from a cultural perspective
  • Analyzing and applying value creation in services
  • Elements of experience economy.

 Skills you will gain after completing the intensive course:

  • Research and analyze elements of customer experience
  • How value is created in intercultural contexts
  • Discovering and analyzing service in cross-cultural contexts
  • Interacting effectively in multicultural teams
  • Knowledge about services around cultural practices.


  • Enrollment period for the course: 13.5.-15.6.2022
  • Intensive week 21.6.-24.6.2022
  • Tuesday 21.6. at 12-18 Laurea Tikkurila
  • Wednesday 22.6. at 9-16 Helsinki / Library Oodi
  • Thursday or Friday 23./24.6. optional: 3UAS students accompanying the French student group and acting as cultural hosts in local touristic or cultural services in Helsinki. Participation in either one or both of these days compensates part of the final assignment.

Attendance is required during the first two days. The course will have additional independent study. 2  ECTS equals approximately 55 study hours.

More information:

Tarja Chydenius,

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