Futures Week (5 ECTS)

Futures Week is for Bachelor and Master degree students and 3AMK staff. There will be 60 places available for the course.

This year’s theme is Transition Design Sprint: How to design pathways to the future? The main lecturer of the implementation is Zeynep Falay von Flittner

The intensive week consists of pre-assignment, varied lectures, group assignment and a individual assignment. Attendance is required during the design sprint. The assessment criteria for Bachelor degree and Master degree students and the tasks included are different.

More information will be updated shortly.


15th August – 23rd November: enrollment period

15th August – 23rd November: selecting the groupwork topic until 7th November,  introduction to transition design until 21st November and meeting your group until 24th November

24th – 26th November: Transition Design Sprint

11th December: deadline for individual assignment


Vesa Heikkinen (vesa.heikkinen@haaga-helia.fi)

Päivi Käri-Zein (paivi.kari-zein@haaga-helia.fi)

Pasi Hario (pasi.hario@laurea.fi)

Leena Björkqvist (leena.bjorkqvist@metropolia.fi)

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