Master Summer School: Leadership Skills for a Changing World (5 ECTS)

Master Summer School: Leadership Skills for a Changing World is a master’s level course about leadership skills needed in the future. The course is useful for anyone who plans on working as a leader in the furue.

The topics of the course change every year depending on what are the most current and interesting topics at the time. In 2023 the chosen sub-topics will be:

  • Inclusive leadership through Collaborative Storytelling
  • Transformational leadership
  • Driving sustainability through customer-oriented leadership

This intensive program is for Master’s level students only.

Key words: leadership, Master's, sustainability, inclusive business, customer-orientated leadership, future business


Application period: 12.12.2022-31.3.2023

Selection of students: by mid-April

Pre-assignment published: by mid-April

Pre-assignment deadline: by mid-May

Intensive program: 22.-26.5. at 14-17, online

Course content

The 3AMK Summer School consists of the independent pre-assignments and the participation to the intensive week. The program of the intensive week features short talks by university faculty members and practitioners as well as workshops and team work to engage with the theme’s topics.

After the course, students can…

  • assess their power intelligence
  • facilitate and manage collaboration and conflict through inclusion practices
  • understand the content of transformational leadership and its benefits 
  • understand own strengths and development points in the transformational leadership
  • explain the concept of sustainability and its role in the marketplace
  • discuss and evaluate the role of leadership in driving sustainable change

The course will be organized online, and it will be executed in English.

Application process​

The number of participants is limited. The application form includes a short motivational letters, and students will be selected by their motivational letters.

Please write a short motivational letter (one page / A4 at maximum) answering to these topics:

  • Why are you applying for this course?
  • How does it benefit you in your (future) career? What career aspirations do you have?
  • How do you organize time for studying in this course?


Tricia Clealand Silva (Metropolia), Hannu Tikkanen (Laurea) and Olli Laintila (Haaga-Helia)

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