A Path to Digital Marketing Expert (20 ECTS)

Digital marketing has been a dominant trend in marketing for years now, and it is still only growing its share. A well executed digital campaign or a smooth user experience can be an immensely powerful tool, and the skills needed can be valuable for many studens career path. A Path to Digital Marketing Expert -learning lane gives a great starting point for a career in marketing, and can even benefit those who are thinking about entrepreneurship.

You will learn the ins and outs of user experience in the digital channels, how a good one is built and how you can measure your success. You will get a deep-dive to Instagram, one of the largest social media platforms today.

Key words: social media, user experience, traffic analyzing, digital channels


Digital User Experience, DIG006AS2AE-3003 (5 ECTS)

Schedule: Mon and wed at 8.00-10.45 / 21.8.-13.10. / Pasila Haaga-Helia campus

Organizer: Haaga-Helia

Teacher(s): Anne Lahti

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to understand why and how to create better services by bringing the voice of the customer as part of service development. During this course students get to learn how to map user experience, analyze user information, utilize that information in design and test and evaluate the designs.

After completing this course student:

  • understands that user experience consists of chain of actions that generate a meaningful and valuable entity from the user’s perspective. This chain can contain different kinds of service moments, contact points and interactions with service providers, user interfaces and other service users
  • can examine and develop the experience as a whole as well as its parts
  • can use different methods for mapping the user experience and apply the methods purposefully
  • understands the importance of making the stakeholders participate in the design process and apply different working ways and methods of participatory design
  • can transform the problems arising from the user’s experience or other relevant moments into meaningful service solutions and describe the outcome of development in a manner that is communicable to different stakeholders
  • can validate the plan created in the process and modify it according to the validation results

Digital Marketing and Sales, HL00BQ81-3021 (10 ECTS)

Schedule: 28.8.-8.12., independent virtual course

Organizer: Laurea

Teacher(s): Hanna Schroderus and Jukka Rautio

After completing this course studen is able to:

  • analyze traffic in digital channels
  • plan digital customer experience
  • plan marketing and sales for digital channels
  • use digital tools in marketing and sales
  • apply regulations for digital business

Instagram as a marketing tool, T00EU89-3072 (5 ECTS)

Schedule: Independent virtual course

Organizer: Metropolia

Teacher(s): Will be updated later

Course includes:

  • What is Instagram and where it came from
  • Basic functionality
  • Instagram stories and IGTV
  • Mastering Hastags
  • Nonprofit, local markets, international markets
  • Content BluePrint
  • Daily actions checklist
  • Supporteam buildup
  • Copywrites
  • Engagement triggers
  • Contents & freebies
  • Direct sell in Instagram
  • User Generated contens, campaigns that has multiple steps
  • Advertising
  • Agency help & influencers

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