Aalto University language courses

On this site you can find the language courses of Aalto University offered by 3AMK + Aalto University co-operation. Courses below are also suitable for international students. This means that support and guidance are either provided in English or in advanced level of studies in the language studied. 

For the Aalto University language studies, the enrolment is in accordance with the instructions of Aalto University. Courses can only be taken if there is space available. Applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis. 

Students of 3AMK must enroll for the Aalto University language courses with this application form. The application form and required attachments must be submitted by e-mail to languagecentre@aalto.fi. Write “3AMK student” for the application’s “I am submitting this application” section.

Enrollment closes a week before the course starts. Confirmation of admission to the course will be announced after Aalto’s enrollment period.

Course and codeGroupDayTimeRoomDates
LC-0550 Communication skills Thu12:30-15:45Contact teaching28.10-1.12.2022
LC-0320 Public speaking skillsTue, thu13:15-15:30Online6.9.-13.10.2022
LC-1090 Oline Preparatory English. Reading and Writing Online12.9.-17.10.2022
International communication
LC-0614 Developing Global CompetenceH01Thu10:15-12:30OnlineWill be specified later.
LC-0611 Teamwork and Leadership in the 21stCenturyWed9:00-12:00Contact teachingWill be specified later.
Working in an International Virtual TeamContact teachingWill be specified later.

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