Innovation project Minno® (10 ECTS)

The multidisciplinary Innovation Project MINNO® will be implemented together with various degrees in culture, media and IT on the Metropolia Arabia Campus. The course lasts for a fixed 7-week period and the times below should fit the participants schedule for the most part. The aim of the course is to learn how to innovate new products, services or operating models together for the work-based needs of companies, organizations and projects. 

Innovating takes place in multidisciplinary teams of about 5 people, each with students from different degrees and backgrounds. The course has theory and tools lectures on Mondays and coaching on Thursdays, but otherwise the teams work together independently. At the end of the course will be held MinnoFest fair, where teams showcase their innovation projects to the world of work, the school community and the Helsinki city business advisors.


  • Enrollment period: 2.5.-21.8.2022
  • Intensive course: 29.8.-13.10.2022
    • Students are expected to be on Metropolia Campus on Mondays and Thursdays.
    • Ten 2nd and 3rd year IT students from Haaga-Helia and Laurea will be accepted for the course.

Learning outcomes:

The student learns to develop innovative solutions, practices and products or services for the needs and current challenges of the Helsinki metropolitan area in a practical and concrete way. The student learns to define innovation as a concept and to use development methods, to apply network and project work, creativity and know-how in regional, national or international development work. Students will learn to use their personal skills and abilities to work in an multidisciplinary collaboration and work environment, and to create a culture of collaboration and negotiation for successful teamwork. Students will learn to use their technical, collaborative, problem-solving, and communication skills to support team collaborative development processes and joint decision making.

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